The Importance of Company-wide Respect for Process

In my previous post I discussed how to start setting up processes within your team. If you haven't read it, check it out here. This post will focus more on the integration of that process to the whole team, and the importance of company wide adoption.

Start at The Top

The main point here is that business has to be on board with the process. At Zenman when we decide a process needs to some tweaking, or a new one is necessary, we take a few preliminary steps. We begin by writing an explanation of any problems that the process will help to reduce. We follow that with any extra time that this process will add to the project. And finally we list any pros and cons associated with this new process.

It is possible that the risk involved with the tweak in process may not be worth it to business. You as a developer or designer need to prepare yourself to be shot down. Take the concerns that business has and rework your plan. Get the high level folks on board and it's all downhill from there.

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Project Management

Once you've got business all warm and fuzzy about this fantastic new process, your likely next step will be to talk to project management. It's important that your Project Managers / Account Managers are aware of this process change so that they can plan accordingly. There's nothing that will piss off a PM or AM more than a change in process that affects the way they interact with the client. Ensuring that they fully understand the need for this process, and exactly what issues it will help to alleviate is real important.

As long as your PM or AM is comfortable, and understands the process as well, they'll have no problem adhering to it and ensuring that the client is aware of the change. Or, at the very least, they will ensure that the process is put into place for the next project.

Team Participation

Throughout this whole process it's important to keep your team in the loop. At Zenman we believe in being super transparent. Any time we think about implementing a change that could affect the whole team, we loop them in. From the very beginning we ask for input from the whole team in regards to this new, or improved, process and address any concerns that come up. This step should most definitely be integrated into the planning stage of your new process.

This high level of transparency helps to ensure that your team is not blindsided by this change in process. It also works to ensure that your whole team has had a chance to voice their concerns.

This section is a little bit smaller than the last, but without a doubt it is very important. You can be Captain Process all by yourself as much as you want, but if your the whole team isn't on board then you're setting yourself up for failure. Collaboration within your department yields huge benefits, and will without a doubt expedite the process when you present your idea to business.

This series of posts will be turned into a talk that I'll be doing at Refresh Denver on August 12th. Check it out and RSVP if you're interested!